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The following are just some of the endorsements I have received:


"Ocean Township friends Cyndi is a force for our kids. Please vote for her next month. She is an advocate for kids without being argumentative. Cyndi is taken seriously because she researches the issues, backs them up with facts and most importantly listens to the other side making her a Participant in the dialogue rather the presenter of a monologue. Cyndi is in for the duration from the presentation of an issue through the discussion and at the resolution. What I appreciate the most is when she presents the results of an issue, they are described objectively. If the results are not what she believes to be in the best interest of the student community there is no bashing or negative comments, but a plan to look at the issue from a new angle and start again."

Vote for Cyndi White !

Taralee Muscillo
Ocean Twp Resident, President of Hawkswood School PTA


"None better to serve than a hometown girl that actually went through the system!"

Ocean Township Mayor Christopher Siciliano


"Cyndi has been an active participant and advocate for our community, attending Board of Education meetings and workshops for more than a year and bringing questions and issues to the table for discussion, consideration and change...."  

Kelly Flammia, OT mom of 4 and

active school community group board member



"As a taxpayer, mother and longtime resident of Ocean Township, I know Cyndi Pullano White is the right choice to represent us on the Board of Education. She recognizes the importance of representing the people she will serve. Residents may not know the numbers but the BOE budget represents over 80% of the overall township budget. I believe it is about time to have a board member who will promote transparency, accountability and student success. Cyndi is a thoughtful and compassionate leader who listens to, engages with and advocates for the children, the parents and the school personnel.

Serving as VP of the OTES PTA and VP of SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association), Cyndi is acutely aware of the wants and needs of our students. She has a clear understanding of BOE procedures because of her regular attendance of meeting and workshops. She has raised for discussion many issues including the importance of an independent audit, special education funding and school safety just to name a few.

Cyndi’s lifelong dedication to this town is demonstrated by the numerous charitable, athletic and advocacy organizations she has been involved in for over 30 years. Her commitment to public service speaks volumes of her impeccable character. She champions the concept that it is vital the BOE be held accountable for its budget, just one of the many things that sets her apart from the other candidates.

My endorsement of Cyndi White for BOE comes not just from our 40 plus years of friendship, but because I recognize she has the leadership, management and administrative experience that will be an asset to our entire town."

   #3 is for me!

Nicole Marie Cernigliaro

Ocean Township resident and lifelong friend of Cyndi Pullano White




Thank you for the opportunity to participate!

I first met Cyndi White when our children participated in the Special Olympics Young Athletes Program. In navigating different educational settings, situations, and problems, Cyndi provided support in terms of well thought out solutions.  Through the years we both served as Young Athlete Parent Mentors. Cyndi went above and beyond and even started a Local Training Program where many children and adults can participate in Special Olympics in Ocean Township. 

But that is what Cyndi does.

Cyndi White goes above and beyond. Where there is a need, Cyndi finds an avenue to provide support. 

Where there is a problem, Cyndi finds a solution. 

Where there is a fantastic, outstanding program, Cyndi recognizes, acknowledges, and applauds it. 

Cyndi approaches each and every endeavor with thoughtfulness, intention, and resolve.  

She asks questions to understand issues and provides thought-provoking insight. 

She is a fierce advocate.  A successful leader.  

Cyndi is someone whose opinion I highly value.  She is successful in what she does because she cares.  If she has thought enough about a 

situation to get involved, believe that she has a firm grasp on the issues and a path to a resolution that will provide for the success of the students, faculty, and staff.   

Any Board would be lucky to have her.  

Julie A. Kennedy

"As the mother of an almost 4 year old, I was searching for some sort of sporting group that would be supportive of his Autism diagnosis. If you have ever seen 4 year olds playing soccer on a field, you may understand how chaotic it could be. For my son that chaos was amplified and so scary he withdrew.

Enter Cyndi White and a Special Olympics program. I saw my sweet boy welcomed, engaged and transformed.
I have known Cyndi for the past 4 years. I have seen her take lead of special needs families, organize teenage volunteers, and be an incredible mom without breaking a sweat. She is calm. She is also smart, friendly and caring. Cyndi is a born leader! She is determined to help and is knowledgeable to succeed. Her innovative approach to problem-solving brings people together for the greater prosperity of all.
Cyndi adds much value to any group. The Board of Education in Ocean Township will be a stronger group when she is elected."

Jean Cahill

— Jean Cahill

As a previous student in the Ocean township school system, I have known Cyndi White for 40 years, but it's not simply my longtime relationship with her that has me believe she would make an excellent member of the Ocean Township Board of Education. It's my 25+ years in education that has me confidently and whole-heartedly support her.  Our schools-students, staff and parents-need people in this position who acknowledge that brilliance comes in many packages, who know that striving for quality education must include a wide range of criteria and who believes that cultivating inclusive, nurturing environments are the keys to ensuring that our schools are thriving and successful in all areas.  

Cyndi is a person who embodies the ability to stand for exceptional programs designed for student success.  She is committed, determined and creative and will not settle for less than a school system that operates with values, integrity and the highest commitment to all of our kids.

Cyndi has a unique perspective of having children with varying educational needs as well as being both a previous student and parent in the Ocean Township school system.  That perspective allows for both history and forethought.

If what you're looking for is leadership that insures your students have an extraordinary and quality school experience and one that supports current programs while simultaneously looking to the future, you can't afford not to have Cyndi White on the Ocean Township Board of Education.

Bobbi Jo Ceccio


Village Gate Children's Academy

— BobbiJo Ceccio

My daughter Victoria's transition to kindergarten hasn't been the easiest... for me. She will be fantastic wherever she is but having to move her school to get her the services that she needs has my anxiety on high alert. Intellectually I know this is best for her and she will be absolutely fine, but emotionally I am a wreck.

At orientation, there was a glaring example of how "special" our lives with Victoria really are and it has been one of the first times I have felt different as her mom.
I am especially grateful for wonderful friends but most of all, my go to all around super mom Cyndi White. One text and this wrong was righted. One call and I could breathe again. I don't know where we would be without your advice, help, knowledge and all around tenacity for our children.

I feel bad for all of the people in our situation who don't have Cyndi to turn to. But after November, we all can when she is voted on to the Board of Education.

No one will work harder for the well being of all of our children than Cyndi. She is the best thing that could happen for our kids and our town.
Vote for Cyndi White this November. Our children will thank you ❤

Courtney Russomanno

Victoria's Mom and

Market Development Manager, March of Dimes

— Courtney Russomanno

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