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Good Evening

My name is Cyndi White, many may remember me as Cyndi Pullano.  Most who know me will tell you, I am dedicated, tenacious and passionate.  As a candidate I wanted to be sure of 3 things

1. I am a knowledgeable and effective participant

2.  I am prepared

3. I have the time to commit.

 The last year I actually attended more board meetings then 3 of my opponents,

I am an unaffiliated registered voter and Ocean resident for over 50 years.  Married to my husband Kirk we have 3 sons.  Josh and Jeremy and I all call OTHS our alma mater and Jacob is in 3rd grade at OTES

My roots in Ocean are deep. My record of service to our youth is long.  I served as VP for pop warner football and Dow Ave PTA, and on the Human Services Alliance.     I am currently a Special Olympics coach, coordinator and family mentor, 3rd year VP for our Special Education PTA.  The founder of SEPAG, and of PLAYlocal.

The 12 years between raising my children, I was an executive for a multi-million-dollar, manufacturer. Those years were spent managing staffs, writing policy, developing market strategies, budget planning and negotiating contracts.  I lead an acquisition team in the purchase and renovation of a 100-thousand-sf facility and worked with State agencies writing grants and developing employee retention programs.  After Jacob was born, I returned to school, received my degrees in K-12 education and Nursing.   I now am a pediatric RN, school nurse in large, local public-school district.

My experience and knowledge are proof, I am ready to get to work for you, our taxpayers, our educators and most of all for our children.


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