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Funding Solutions


·         Scrutinize all spending as I have done for the past year  and  not vote a simple yes to all payables presented every month like our incumbents have

·         Identify wasteful spending using my experiences working inside a school district

o   find creative solutions to reduce duplicative spending

·         Support alternative energy source expansion as a source of savings and revenue

o   additional solar fields over parking areas and

o   possibities of acquisition of clean energy transportation not only saving on fuel costs but utilizing grants and government incentives to purchase.

·         Increasing our tuition-based student enrollment with my 12 years of experience as a marketing executive.

o   exit questionnaires to ask our families withdrawing students from our public school why

o   collect, assess and review the data and address the commonalities we find to improve school culture and climate and enrollment.

·        Find more cost share initiatives like  PLAYlocal initiative

·         Evaluate benefit vs cost of special education litigation

·        Independent audits of outsourced and professional contracts to identify contractual cost, performance and efficacy. 

o   Efficiency reviews of contract services are essential with the current trends of outsourcing and incentives for shared service agreements.  Our current budget identifies 8% of the total budget as “Other Purchased Services…this extrapolates to $6 million dollars.  

·         Legislative advocacy to increase state funding ESPECIALLY for our special education population. 

o   The extraordinary spending, we received this year is the tip of the iceberg

o     I will continue to call on our legislators to do away with census-based funding where we only receive funding for 17% of our special education population instead of pupil-based funding where our full 21% of students with exceptionalities are provided for in the state funding formula.


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