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What you will get when you vote on November 5, 2019 for 

Cyndi White

Ocean Township Board of Education

Ballot position #3 


  •  Commitment to School Safety  which is paramount at all schools in our district. Cyndi has existing and long term working relationships with town officials and our OTPD which provides an additional conduit  to the existing shared services agreements  and communication providing the safety, security and needs of ALL students and staff are met.
  • Mental Health initiatives and programs are the foundation of numerous matters in education including school safety, bullying, academic success and closing educational gaps. Cyndi supports continued mental health programs within our district at all levels of education and exploring continuity of care providing a pathway to community based services and enhanced parental communication.  Funding sources include grants, public and private insurance billing where allowed by law will enhance the availability of staff and resources to provide services to ALL students in our district.

  • Transparency of information to the staff students and stakeholders where allowed by federal and state laws will create a climate of trusting collaboration in education.  Timely and efficient communication is essential to a safe, supportive and productive school culture.  This includes video recording and broadcasting of Board Meetings as Cyndi posted on her Facebook page September 4, 2019.  

  • Special Education Funding, Cyndi has a complete and working understanding of programs, spending and resources in the special education community.  This current and working knowledge provides an ability to effectively identify wasteful spending and use the special education dollars for what it is intended...educating students.
  •  An independent audit of contract services and evaluating cost effectiveness vs performance effectiveness is needed.  Cyndi has an expectation of accountability, analysis and justification for decisions and processes leading to spending brought to the board for approval.  She will never be just a YES vote.
  • Advocacy and Cyndi White go hand in hand At the school, community, and legislative level, Cyndi has successfully advocated for education funding, resources and legislation for ALL students. 
  • Unfettered equal access to education is a culture not a talking point.  As a pediatric nurse and mother, Cyndi believes in accordance with Federal Law and the United States Department of Education that every child deserves a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.  This can be achieved by fostering a safe culture of acceptance and inclusion to achieve educational excellence and close educational gaps throughout the district.



#3 is for me




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